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    ACODE-UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit

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    The Open University is pleased to host the inaugural ACODE-UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit for UK Universities

    De Vere Horwood Estate, Milton Keynes 

    Sunday 11th June to Wednesday 14th June 2017

    Photo of De Vere Horwood Estate, Milton KeynesPhoto of De Vere Horwood Estate, Milton Keynes

    The Open University and the Australasian Council for Open, Distance and E-learning (ACODE) are collaborating to bring senior Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)  professionals and decision makers together for the first 3 day residential ACODE-UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit to be held at De Vere Horwood Estate, Milton Keynes.

    The ACODE-UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit is designed for senior TEL professionals and decision makers to benchmark their TEL associated activities across good practice and alongside peer institutions. The benchmarks are designed to “support continuous quality improvement in technology enhanced learning”, and were fully reviewed in 2014. The ACODE-UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit will be similar to the highly successful ACODE Benchmarking Summits run in Australia since 2014. Participants will come away with a better sense of strategically advancing TEL across their institution and an extended peer network.

    About the benchmarks

    There are eight Benchmark topic areas:

    1. Institution-wide policy and governance for technology enhanced learning;

    2. Planning for institution-wide quality improvement of technology enhanced learning;

    3. Information technology systems, services and support for technology enhanced learning;

    4. The application of technology enhanced learning services;

    5. Staff professional development for the effective use of technology enhanced learning;

    6. Staff support for the use of technology enhanced learning;

    7. Student training for the effective use of technology enhanced learning;

    8. Student support for the use of technology enhanced learning.

    The full set of benchmarks are available from the ACODE Australia site.

    Two webinars will be held to further explain the benchmarks and their use.

    About the Summit

    During the Summit, delegates will share perspectives and advice related to good practice across the benchmark areas. The Summit consists of several workshop sessions, designed to encourage conversation and improved practice. The Summit will be held in a dedicated venue, maximising networking opportunities.

    Note that participants are required to provide their universities ratings to at least two of the eight benchmarks. High-level results will be shared, in confidence across all delegates.

    Participating in the benchmarking event

    The process for participation:

    - Register for the ACODE-UK 2017 Benchmarking Summit event. You will be given access to the online tools for assisting you in the benchmarking exercise, and will be added to the distribution list for webinars, and pre-event news and support.

    - Determine which of the eight benchmarks you will focus on for the Summit. At least two must be chosen. You will need senior management buy-in to adequately participate.

    - Self-evaluate your institution based on the benchmarking criteria, ensuring the self-evaluation is representative and evidence-based. Guides are available, and webinars (dates to be confirmed) will further explain how benchmarks can be applied. Anticipate each benchmark taking a full day’s equivalent of an individual’s time to prepare, in addition to internal workshop time.

    - Input the institutional data into the online repository, agreeing to the confidentiality of data added by other institutions (who likewise agree to treat your data in confidence). This provides a rich cross-institutional dataset.

    - Attend the Summit workshop to network with TEL peers, represent your institution and contribute to the benchmark-related conversations around best practice and institutional development.


    Registration is limited to 20 universities, with up to three delegates per institution (two recommended). Available places will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration costs are £680 per individual. Note that this registration cost includes three nights accommodation at De Vere Horwood House with breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

    You need not fully register to self-evaluate your institution, but you will need to register for the workshop to share and compare your institution's evaluation. You can also choose to register your interest initially, until you're certain you want to attend the workshop. Registering your interest will ensure we keep you up to date with news, but it does not guarantee you a place in the 20 university limit on attendance.

    To register your interest or register in full please go to our registration page (link at top right of this page).

    Summary details

    Dates: Sunday 11th June to Wednesday 14 June 2017  Delegate arrival at De Vere Horwood Estate, registration from 6pm followed by evening meal and networking opportunity. The summit will start on Monday 12th June, please note there is no discount for delegates who chose to arrive on Monday 12th June.

    Venue: De Vere Horwood Estate, Mursley Road, Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire, MK17 0PH  (nearest train station Milton Keynes).

    Cost: £680 per person, inclusive of accommodation and meals, including gala dinner on Monday 12 June 2017.