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  • Welcome to the ACODE Innovation in TEL Awards Showcase

    ACODE TEL Awards 2018


    Griffith University for  Explore Learning and Teaching (ExLNT)

    The Griffith University Explore Learning and Teaching (ExLNT) platform is a resource sharing and engagement system designed to share learning experiences among teaching staff (e.g., case studies, student-centred activities, faculty stories of practice, face-to-face workshop registration, video, bibliographies, student activity walk-throughs and online learning modules).

    The Judges were impressed by the system as a user-friendly tool for sharing good practice. There is considerable promise in the platform and its encouragement for staff to share their work for others to engage with. More than 9000 users from 88 countries have visited ExLNT to access the 280+ learning experiences in its 1st year of existence. 

    Griffith are keen to share the ExLNT tool, including the database design, technical documents and code to institutions who wish to replicate the platform to offer to their learning and teaching community. Griffith would also welcome discussions for partnering in the dissemination of content from other institutions which they have done to a certain degree.   

    The award was handed out at the 2018 Ascilite Conference by A/Prof Philip Uys (Exec member) to Simone Poulsen Project Manager, Innovative Design and Development, Learning Futures, Griffith University who received the reward on behalf of the Learning Futures Team and Stakeholders at Griffith University.

    Find out more about ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching) below.

    Link to ExLNT Video Submission

    Find out more about ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching) | Griffith University

    Simone Poulsen (Griffith University, Learning Futures) accepting the 2018 Award

    Simone Poulsen (Learning Futures, Griffith University) accepting the Award at ASCILITE 2018

      EXLNT Team members

    Staff from Griffith University Ms Karin Barac, L&T Consultant (Design); Prof Heidi Blair, Deputy Director, Learning Futures; Ms Simone Poulson, Project Manager, Innovative Design and Development, Learning Futures with A/Prof Philip Uys (ACODE Exec representative)


    We are proud to present the Winners, and Honourable Mentions nominees of our past ACODE TEL Awards in this Showcase.  Nominations for the the 2016 and 2017 Awards showed the breadth of innovative practice across our Australasian landscape.  

    Nominations are evaluated across the following areas:

    • Capability-building & Organisational Impact
    • Sustainability
    • Reproducibility
    • Student Success
    We hope you find some great ideas within.