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  • Introducing the ACODE TEL Framework

    Cover of the ACODE TEL Framework Template

    • ACODE TEL Framework Pilot 2019

      The ACODE TEL Framework (V1) has been developed by the ACODE TEL Framework Working Group across the later half of 2018.  

      Representatives from across 15 Member Institutions have contributed, and are pleased to present the ACODE TEL Framework Pilot Pack as the outcome of this Working Party.  

      The Pilot will span across 2019 with the objectives of:

      • Evaluation of the Pilot Pack materials, associated tools and resources
      • Evaluation of the Sector value the Framework may provide
      • Evaluation of the alignment between use of the Framework and other Benchmarking ideas
      • Identification and articulation of multiple use-cases in practice

      To find out more about the TEL Framework, please see the ACODE TEL Framework Overview.  

      To find out more about the ACODE TEL Framework Working Group, please see the ‘TEL Framework Working Party TOR’ section.


      Click in to this section and select the ACODE TEL Framework Pilot Pack to get started.  The Pilot will run its first phase across the first six (6) months  2019.

      If you have any questions about the ACODE TEL Framework, please contact Sheila McCarthy, Griffith University ( 

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    • ACODE TEL Framework Working Party 2018 TOR

      To find out more about the Working Group, its connection to ACODE Benchmarking, who is involved,  and the aims of the Project, check out the Terms of Reference (TOR).

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    • ACODE TEL Framework Overview

      This overview was presented at ACODE 77, 2018.  It provides a brief overview of the Project, the Framework, its purpose and multiple ways to use it.   It features a sample section of the Framework at 'first draft' stage.  The Working Party (15 Institutions represented) is continuing to refine the Framework, and it will be piloted by Member Institutions across 2019. 

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