ACODE Information for members

ACODE Executive

The Executive organises the affairs of ACODE, including arranging meetings; developing and reviewing strategic directions; preparing and overseeing the budget; monitoring working parties; representing and acting for ACODE between meetings, canvassing the opinions of members between meetings and implementing the ACODE Communications strategy. The Executive comprises the following 5 office bearers:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Executive Member x 2

Members of Executive are expected to actively contribute to Executive meetings and the business activities of ACODE. It is anticipated that Executive members take responsibility for organizing and running one workshop per year, represent the Executive on, and contribute to, working parties.

The ACODE Executive will meet regularly via online meeting or teleconference and will also meet face to face several times a year. The expenses associated with these meetings will be met by ACODE, except where face to face meetings are held in conjunction with other organised events at which most Executive members would normally be present. As far as possible Executive meetings will be held to minimize additional travel on the part of members. It may not be possible for all Executive members to attend all Executive meetings.

Expectations of Executive members

Workshops and Business Meetings

Members of the Executive will accept responsibility for organizing workshops in response to identified needs or current issues; contributing to formal responses as necessary and in a timely manner; developing discussion papers and contributing to ACODE activities.

See: ACODE Workshop Guidelines.

Working parties

ACODE Executive may commission working parties to research, investigate and/or scope projects in areas of identified need. The work of such working parties will be endorsed by ACODE, membership will be by invitation from Executive. One member of Executive will be a member but not necessarily chair the working party. The Executive will provide the working party with clear terms of reference and accountabilities. Executive may provide financial or other support for working parties. It is expected that all working parties will produce a formal written report which will be available to members of ACODE via the hub and/or website. Working parties may also be requested to develop an ACODE workshop on the topic.

Special Interest Groups

ACODE will support the formation of special interest groups. These may be initiated by members of the Executive or ACODE nominees or alternates. The ACODE hub and email will support communication and reports may be recorded on the ACODE hub and/or website. Opportunities may be made available during ACODE workshops for special interest groups to meet. The management of such groups is the responsibility of the individual who initiates the group.

ACODE Executive may contract individuals or companies to conduct research, investigate issues, develop issues/discussion papers. These will be made available via the ACODE hub or website.

ACODE communications strategy

The ACODE Executive supports the ACODE communications strategy by encouraging members to use ACODE communication channels to canvas issues, debate topics and share information.

Where the ACODE membership is used to collect information it is expected that a summary of responses will be made available to members via the ACODE hub or website.

Annual Reports to Vice-Chancellors

In conjunction with the Executive, the President will write an ACODE Annual Report that will be distributed to Vice-Chancellors and appropriate Deputy and Pro Vice-Chancellors of financial member institutions (and other institutions as desired). The Annual Report will also be sent and/or emailed to ACODE nominee and alternate representatives. The President may initiate this early in the year for completion and distribution around the end of the first quarter of the year, or at any other time, at the President’s discretion.

Executive meetings and commitments

The ACODE Executive meets regularly throughout the year to manage the affairs of ACODE. These meetings include one or two face to face meetings and virtual meetings using either teleconferencing or online conferencing. ACODE meets the expenses of these meetings.

An Executive meeting is usually be held in association with the regular ACODE workshop and business meetings. ACODE does not meet the expenses of members of Executive in attending the three normal business meeting/workshop sessions.

See: Executive Travel and Accommodation.

See: ACODE Constitution

Joint CAUL CAUDIT and ACODE Meetings

There are joint meeting of CCA Executives (CAUL, CAUDIT and ACODE) each year. These meetings serve to share information, review progress on joint activities, and identify projects and other activities of mutual benefit.

Attendance at these meetings by all members of the Executive is highly desirable.

Where these meetings do not align with a regular ACODE meeting or conference that would be attended by ACODE Executive members, ACODE will meet reasonable costs associated with Executive members’ attendance. See Executive Travel and Accommodation.

Each association has a turn hosting the joint meeting. The meetings are generally half day as the other Executive Committees hold their individual meetings as well. The following is required when ACODE hosts the event:

  • Liaise with CAUL and CAUDIT Executive Officers re date and time (a.m. or p.m.)
  • Organise venue – often at Customs House in Brisbane
  • Organise catering – through Customs House/venue
  • Call for agenda items, checking any Business Arising from previous Minutes
  • Liaise with the President on ACODE items for the Agenda
  • Liaise on the order of Agenda items as the ACODE President will Chair the meeting
  • Pay invoice for Customs House/venue and raise invoices to charge CAUL and CAUDIT 1/3 each for the cost.

Executive Travel and Accommodation

ACODE will meet reasonable costs associated with Executive members’ attendance at meetings which are separate to planned business meetings. Where possible ACODE will book and pay for all airfares and accommodation associated with Executive business. ACODE will not normally pay for meeting costs associated with regular Workshops and Business meetings, phone calls, drinks or other sundries.

ACODE will pay:

  • Economy class airfare by the most direct route from the member’s home location to the venue of the meeting; Frequent Flyer and other loyalty program member numbers can be noted on flight bookings;
  • Hotel accommodation (room only; hotel to be suggested by ACODE);
  • Reasonable meal costs where these are not provided as part of the meeting.  Receipts must be provided.
  • Other travel costs incurred in attending the meeting eg airport transfers, parking (on production of receipt).