Information for ACODE 64 (Includes program and Agenda)

10.00am – 12.30 pm Friday 8th November, 2013

The Communications Conference Room

The University of Queensland



1.0         Welcome from President – Helen Carter

2.0         Attendance and apologies


Australian Catholic University                   Veronica Hendriks

Charles Sturt University                             Philip Uys

Flinders University                                      David Green

La Trobe University                                     Ric Canale

Macquarie University                                  Helen Carter

Macquarie University                                  Andrew Burrell

Queensland University of Technology    Regina Obexer

University of Auckland                               Cathy Gunn

University of Canberra                                Alan Arnold

University of Canberra                                Karen Halley

University of Melbourne                             Deborah Jones

University of Queensland                          Trish Andrews

University of Southern Queensland        Michael Sankey

University of Sydney                                   Colin Lowe

University of Tasmania                               Gerry Kregor

University of the Sunshine Coast                        Ian Wright

University of Waikato                                  Nigel Robertson

University of Western Sydney                   Carol Russell

University of Wollongong                           Christine Brown

Victoria University                                        Lisa Germany

Victoria University of Wellington               Stephen Marshall


Auckland University of Technology         Mark Northover

Australian Catholic University                   Kevin Ashford-Rowe

Edith Cowan University                              Sue Stoney

Queensland University of Technology    Elizabeth Greener

Queensland University of Technology    Roger Cook

Southern Cross University                         Di Newton




3.0         Minutes of previous meeting

Moved –Colin Lowe    Seconded – Andrew Burrell

4.0         Identification of unstarred items for discussion

   * Item 16

5.0         Adoption of items not starred for discussion

            MOTION:  That all items on the Agenda not starred for discussion be noted and where recommendations have been made, that these be adopted as resolutions of the ACODE Business and Networking Meeting.

6.0      Matters arising from previous Business & Networking Meeting

Increase in Fees Refer AGM Nov 2013


7.0         ACODE Executive Report – Helen Carter

With a sad heart we farewell David Green and Maree Gosper. We give them a formal thanks for their contributions over many years to ACODE.

Effectively the NATA projects are 3 projects that fall into the catergories below:

  • ·         Good Practice Reports
  • ·         Meta organization
  • ·         Series of partner projects.

Once all projects are coordinated (some are yet to begin) we should have a  series of good outcomes.

Herdsa are doing a network leadership guide  which will be of benefit to all. The development of a network of networks calendar would be a very helpful as in a shared calendar of events. Collaborative ideas are good.

The Executive will hold a planning day on the 19th March prior to ACODE 64

8.0      ACODE NATA Partner Project – Ric Canale

Ric gave an overview of the ACODE project with NATA.- Media management Systems.

This will collect interest in Kaltura  and other media management systems.

AARNet is also interested in collaborating on this process with 5 or 6 universities. AARNet is organizing a planning day as they need the understanding of university requirements.This makes a very tantalizing opportunity for ACODE.

The goal is to produce a media management strategy with the end to produce a 7 things model.

Ric has set up a wiki:

Any willing participants please contact Ric.

9.0     ACODE Website- Karen Halley

Karen showed the staging of the new ACODE website which was well received by the members.

The new website is expected to to be released November 30th 2013


10.0  ACODE 64:Call for presenters – Helen Carter

A call for presenters for ACODE 64. The theme is Digital Literacies and making staff more connected with Digital Literacies a snappy title will follow.

Show of hands from for presentations:

Carol Russell, Cathy Gunn, Michael Sankey, Lisa Germany, Ian Wright, Trish Andrews

  • ·         Things to explore: sharing a knowledge of Social Media and wher does Social media fit in Digital Literacies
  • ·         The safety and danger of operating in social media spaces
  • ·         Concernsof liabilities in this space.
  • ·         Facilitating Academics in Digital Environments

Stephen Marshall has been appointed as the Exec member to liaise with Nigel Roberstson.

11.0  ACODE 65 and 66: Call for workshop hosts – Helen Carter

ACODE 65- University of the Sunshine Coast – Ian Wright – possible Topic Blended 2.0-TBC

ACODE 66 – University of Melbourne – Deb Jones and Gregor Kennedy – TBC



12.0   LTLI Update – Karen Halley

The LTLI update was covered in the treasurers report but in addition we hve made a tentative booking at Twin Towns for 2015 at the same pricesfor 2013.

13.0   Liaison with other Organisations

-       CAUL/CAUDIT – Karen Halley- nothing to update

-       ascilite – Philip Uys

-       The Community Mentoring Program will commence in early 2014. It will bea program or singular mentoring and a discount to ascilite is offered to all mentors.

-       CADAD/ AARnet – Helen Carter

-       A joint dinner with the CADAD and ACODE executives was held last night and we are to be mindful of how we work together, more collaboration is a good idea.







-       Learning Object Repositories and how others are setting them up? Equella not used at VU–Lisa Germany

Comments from members:

  • ·         Macquarie: Just moved to Equella, with new functionality, Moodle has an auto upload to Equella with an opt out mode. E-reserves 1st loaded
  • ·         USQ: Equella with link to moodle, several collections in the repositories and a lecture capture system
  • ·         UC:Metagging not necessary


-       Does your university permit iTunes/admin rights on university computers?- Ian Wright

Comments from members:

  • Flinders: Locked down but have a process for administration rights
  • QUT: they have looked into it but computers are locked down
  • Waikato: Locked down
  • Uni of Sydney:Everyone has admin access and students can download 200 apps
  • UQ: some open- but tends towards open
  • CSU: some staff have admin rights, apply online for some hours, auto process for permissions
  • Auckland: Move towards more locked down
  • UTAS: no admin but a lightweight process to gain access
  • USC: no rights, signed off by cost centre manager
  • Melb: no rights, can get access then do what you want but not sure how that translates in faculities.
  • VU: not sure but staff can do what they want
  • USQ: admin rights for all staff, but a move to lock down PC’s
  • UWS: staff admin on laptops, strict control on licensing
  • VU-Wellington: Mac can do whatever-PC phone call for 24 hour access
  • Macquarie: No restrictions
  • La Trobe:No admin rights on PC or laptop.To get access sign off from cost centre managerno longer a big issue.
  • UC: No admin, lightweight control


-       Access to online units after assessment ends, sites archived or can units be seen as a hold, a read only mode would be good.- Colin Lowe

Comments from members:

  • UQ: 2 years after last use. Moodle – change rols to lock down.
  • Macquarie: 2 previous teaching sessions- then read only


-       Online exam assessment – Colin Lowe USyd has purchased 300 tablets

Comments from members:

  • UTAS: Systems for exams, difficulties in logistics of using this in exams and e-exams are now off the boil.
  • VU-Wellington: movement to e-Text
  • Flinders: Systems in UK Exam images.-Externally hosting tools, 110 different applications to connect to staff assessment of exams etc. External hosting of private information.
  • Macquarie to circulate a flow chart.


-       Digital Literacies for staff- Alan Arnold- already discussed in A64 topic

Update On ACODE Benchmarking:-Michael Sankey

The update process will be kicked off at ascilite 2013 with Michael, Helen and Rob Phillips and Gordon Suddaby presenting.

Offers for help with the update process have come from:

Carol Russell- University of Western Sydney

Christine Brown – University of Wollongong

Regina Obexer- Queensland University of Technology

Helen Carter – Macquarie University

Lisa Germany- Victoria University



15.0  Executive Officers Report – Karen Halley as per AGM minutes

16.0  Finances – Profit and Loss statement as per AGM Minutes

17.0  Future workshops and meetings

-       March 2013, ACODE 64 - University of Waikato , Theme: TBA, Convenor: Nigel Robertson, Executive contact: Stephen Marshall


Meeting Closed 12.30pm


Helen Carter

President ACODE



Note that the Agenda for this Business Meeting follows that proposed by the Executive in June 2003.

Unstarred items on the Agenda will not be discussed, but any recommendations they contain will be covered by a single motion covering all unstarred items.

Any unstarred item may be identified for discussion by request to the President at any time up to item 4 on this agenda.

Please Note:  Each member institution has one vote only.  Members with affiliate status do not have voting rights, however are able to participate in discussion at the discretion of the President.