Information for ACODE 64 (Includes program and Agenda)

ACODE Executive Officer Report – March 2014 ACODE 64

Since the previous report in November 2013 the Secretariat has sent the books for auditing and we should have that back shortly.

The meeting at ACODE 63 was another successful meeting and cost effective as a lot of the costs were split with CADAD. Thank you once again to the University of Queensland for sponsoring the drinks at dinner.

The Executive have met once since ACODE 63 online and have also had a face to face meeting prior to this to discuss a few relatively important matters.

The new website is now being used .Can you please let the Secretariat know if you are having any difficulties logging in. I have come across a few that I have had a problem but I have managed to re- enter the member and that seems to clear all problems.

ACODE 65 and ACODE 66 planning is underway.  A65 at the University of the Sunshine Coast and will be held on the 3rd - 4th July with the topic “Blended Learning: responsive design and the App generation”. A66 will be held at the University of Melbourne 6-7th November and yes this is Cup carnival time the topic of “ Backing the right horses” a very Melbourne cup inspired theme.

Please watch the ACODE website for accommodation details for A66 as you will need to book early to ensure a room.


Karen Halley

Executive Officer

15th March 2014