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Introduction, and welcome

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Introduction, and welcome
by Mark Nichols - Thursday, 9 March 2017, 9:01 PM

Hello everyone,

A very warm welcome to the ACODE Summit Moodle instance. This site is where we begin sharing our benchmark findings in anticipation of our Summit event this coming June. Please use this thread (or start another) to introduce yourself to others in this forum.

I'm a newcomer to the UK, arriving in a somewhat chilly Milton Keynes toward the end of January last year. My last six years have been with Open Polytechnic, a dedicated online/distance provider based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. My work there was a natural platform for my new role as Director of TEL with the Open University. I have had opportunity to work with ACODE in my time in New Zealand - I know both Stephen Marshal and Michael Sankey well, and thoroughly endorse their expertise and dedication to open, distance and e-learning quality. I'm looking forward to welcoming them both to the UK in a few short months!

You can find more about me by way of intro at

More importantly, the event itself. ACODE-UK promises to be a very rich few days of conversation, workshops, networking, insight, challenge, and strategic insight. Throughout the ACODE-UK journey we will learn more about our institutions, form a critical view of our practice, and learn from the breakthroughs others have made. The effort you're no doubt applying as I write this, in engaging stakeholders, asking questions, and gathering evidence, will be well rewarded.

The backdrop of Horwood House will be an excellent setting. I've stayed there for two different events since moving to the UK and have been impressed both times.

See you there in June!

Best regards,