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About #anewreality 

#anewreality was proudly bought to you in partnership between Griffith University and ACODE.  The free-to attend 2-day Symposium provided ACODE Member Institutions the opportunity to show, share, experience, and evaluate the plethora of new adaptions in Immersive Learning and Technology Enhanced Learning happening right now on-the-ground.  Presentation Quick-fires and experiences showcasing Immersive experiences were provided by Academic Practitioners, L&T Design and Technology Professionals, and Post-Graduate Students from across twenty Institutions. 

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Learning Futures (Griffith University) Dean/Director Professor Alf Lizzio opened the event with an Acknowledgement to Country, Vice President ACODE and Deputy Director Learning Transformations (Learning Futures) facilitated the Sector Round Table, and Sheila McCarthy facilitated the two (2 )-Day event proceedings.

If you missed #anewreality, you can catch up with the activities and resources on this page, and the 360 Live Streams here.

Sector Round Table

#anewreality began with a Sector Round Table.  Representatives from each Institution spoke to how immersive learning is being supported at their Institution, some of the activities currently in progress,  and the challenges encountered. These types of sessions are integral to identify common 'points of pain', sharing of resources, ideas and possible solutions.


Quick-fire Sessions

Both days featured a set of Quickfire Presentations, with Day one (1) centred on applications of AR and VR to support Immersive learning. Below are the list of presenter and presentations.

Watch the 360 Streams 

Each set of presentations have been 360-streamed, so you can feel like you are in the room.  

To view the streams in VR or via your Browser, check out the #anewreality Stream Page. 

Day 1 | AR & VR

Peter Weyland Day 1

VR in Exercise Science

Peter Weyland
Australian Catholic University
Presentation not available at this time

Zeynep	Tacgin

Quick glance of MR Activities in Turkey

Zeynep Tacgin
Charles Sturt University
Presentation not available at this time

Daniel Della-Bosca

Augmented Reality for Spatial Reasoning

Daniel Della-Bosca
Griffith University
Presentation (pdf)

Louis day 1 XR Learning Objects

Luis (Carlos) Dominguez
Presentation not available at this time
Leigh Shutter Constructing VR

Dr Leigh Shutter
Griffith University 
Presentation not available at this time
Leigh ellen Potter day 1 VR & AR: Interaction and Empathy in Learning Realities

Dr Leigh Ellen Potter
Griffith University 
Presentation not available at this time
Scott Roberts Day 1 Virtual Weather and Immersive Storytelling 

Scott Roberts
Griffith University
Presentation not available at this time
James Birt Day 1 Mixed Reality Research Lab: Mobile MR Demo 

Assoc. Prof. James Birt
Bond University
Presentation (pdf)
Jason Zagami Day 1 VR in K12 Education - the previous experiences students come with to tertiary

Dr Jason Zagami
Griffith University
Presentation (online)
Jane Frost Day 1 Holographic applications in Health

Dr Jane Frost
University of Canberra
Presentation not available at this time

Day 2 | 360 & Immersive Video

Day two (2)  centred on applications of 360/Immersive video to support learning. 

Watch the 360 Stream 

To view the streams in VR or via your Browser, check out the #anewreality Stream Page. 

Building 360 Video Interactives

Peter Weyand
Australian Catholic University
Presentation (pptx)

Griffith at the Commonwealth Games

Hugh Gormley
Griffith University

Using 360 video to create interactive branching scenarios to prepare distance students for practical tasks at residential workshops

Darryl Clare
Central Queensland University
Presentation (pptx)

Andrew Patterson Day 2 Crafting 360-degree immersive video cases for teaching and assessment purposes: Examples from teaching business and negotiation

Andrew Patterson
University of Auckland
Presentation (pptx)

Jason Zagami Day 2 360 Live Streaming mixed mode tutorials and workshops

Dr Jason Zagami
Griffith University
Presentation (online)
Thom Cochrane Day 2 Designing Immersive Mobile Mixed Reality for Paramedic Education MESH360

Thom Cochrane
Auckland University of Technology
Presentation (online)
Charles Day 2
Explore VR film language

Zhang Charles
Griffith University
Presentation (pdf)
Jane Fronst Day 2 Promoting empathy through immersive video 

Dr Jane Frost
University of Canberra
Presentation (pptx)

Hands-on Experiences

Both days of #anewreality featured 'Hands-on Experience Sessions, allowing attendees to get a feel of immersive learning experiences from a student/participant perspective.  

hands on

Our thanks to the following Innovators for their generosity across the two (2) days:

Experience Hololens Try applications designed for HE and explore possibilities for learning from a student perspective 

Dr Jane Frost |University of Canberra

Jane Hololens

Using AR and VR apps to teach anatomy and physiology

Darryl Clare 
Central Queensland University

darryl experience

Blurred Minds Experience
An innovative, evidence-based alcohol and drug education program for Australian secondary schools augmented via the Blurred Minds VR App.

Dr Timo Dietrich 
Griffith University

Blurred Minds Timo

Observe a business negotiation in an immersive virtual environment

Andrew Patterson 
University of Auckland
Creating an immersive sonography virtual reality experience for distance students by combining 360 video and HDMI ultrasound machine output in a smartphone app.

Darryl Clare
Central Queensland University
Darryl and James experiences

CYO Video & Immersive Studio Tours

As part of the event, ACODE representatives were offered tours of the Griffith University, Learning Futures  CYO (Create Your Own) Studios, and the brand new Immersive Studio.

Learning Futures CYO Studio Tours

Presented by Espen Dammen and Simone Poulsen (Learning Futures, Griffith University)

cyo brochure

The CYO Studios were created and rolled in 2015, starting with two studios.  Griffith is about to release CYO #7 (across 5 Campuses).  Each year the CYO Studio Workflow Interface is enhanced as innovative iterations are rolled out.  These include: Overhead cameras, Virtual Glass and an advanced switching workflow.  

Participants chose tours from two perspectives: Technical (set up, support etc) and Practice (how we integrate the use of CYO into L&T practice, professional learning resources and the development of Faculty Sparks).

Those who attended the CYO (Teaching-related) session with Simone learnt about the ways Learning Futures is applying the use of the CYO into Faculty Sparks and Stories.

Use of the CYO is consolidated by the addition of TEL (particularly) video-related online resources to ensure capability and application are in alignment.  Example: 'Active Viewing of Video' in ExLNT.  

To see more about the Griffith University CYO Studios or search for Faculty Sparks (Entry Type) visit 'ExLNT - Explore Learning & Teaching'.

Learning Futures Immersive Studio Tours

Presented by Hugh Gormley (Learning Futures, Griffith University)

Immersive studio tour

Representatives were introduced to the workings of a brand new 'built from the ground' Immersive Studio, the multi-format use-case approach, and some new innovations currently in the works.

The Immersive Studio in N53 is a flexible, multi-purpose studio for the creation of traditional televisual media and Immersive (VR, AR, MR) media by Griffith staff involved in learning and teaching. The studio is also a research space for developing immersive media techniques under examination. Creating media in the studio is open to all staff who have completed an induction and have been booked into available time when the studio will be configured for your specified use type.

Capabilities & affordances:

  • Multi-camera television recording / streaming, including Virtual Sets
  • Virtual Reality trial environment – 4x HTC Vive
  • 360˚ video
  • Mixed Reality visualisation / recording / live streaming
  • Holographic recording / live streaming

Here are some sources inspiring our Immersive Studio activity:

ACODE TEL Framework Pilot Workshop

Supporting Immersive Learning and Emerging Technologies at an Institutional Level

Sheila McCarthy (Learning Futures, Griffith University) on behalf of ACODE Executive and the ACODE TEL Framework Working Group.

ACODE TEL workshop

#anewreality provided the opportunity to employ the newly released for Pilot ACODE TEL Framework.  

Participants from across six (6) ACODE Member Institutions were provided an overview of the Framework, and a mini Workshop with the objective of providing a 'quick glance gap analysis' as an example of one of the Framework use-cases.

Using an 'Emerging Technologies' lens, participants were asked to pick their area of interest (Sections within the TEL Framework, eg. Strategy) and work individually and then with colleagues to quickly identify 'areas for improvement'.  Participants then shared their findings, along with their perspectives on the usability, applicability and ability to generate and extract useful conversations and information. 

Ultimately, participants agreed the Workshop method/collateral and approach was very useful,  and the ACODE TEL Framework was commended for its ability to promote inter-Institutional collaboration and the clarity augmentations (ACODE Benchmarks, Prompt Questions, Resources and examples) provided by the Framework Template would afford Institutions taking on the task of developing their own TEL Framework. 

The ACODE TEL Framework is currently being Piloted across a number of Institutions employing multiple use-cases.  These use-cases will be added to the ACODE TEL Framework Pilot and Roll Out packs as they are documented and produced. 

To find out more about the ACODE TEL Framework Pilot, the Working Group and more, visit the Pilot Page here. 

Event Resources and Reflections

The following reflections and resources have been provided by #anewreality presenters and attendees.

Hugh Gormley (Griffith University) What we learnt: Reflections on #anewreality (LF Press)

Shane Nuessler (University of Canberra) Take-away

Steve Leichtweis (University of Auckland)  Sector Round Table Links, Research and Projects listing.

Learning through Experience, Jane Frost, TEDx Canberra. (YouTube video)
"Evidence shows that kindness and compassion in medical staff leads to faster healing, reduced pain and more..."

The 360 LiveStream Set Up

A lot of #anewreality attendees have asked us how we streamed live in 360.  Here is an outline, logistics, equipment and some tips to get you going with yours.

Streaming 360 Live at #anewreality. (pdf)

360 VR camera:

What we learnt

Placement | On day one (1) we noticed our placement of the 360 camera was a little distant from the action, so for Day two (2) we moved it closer to speakers, and enhanced the feeling of 'being in the room' for Streaming participants.

Event Social

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Please tell us what you thought!

If you attended #anewreality, we'd love to hear your input and thoughts on the applicability and usefulness of the event.  You can provide your feedback here

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