2016 Innovation in TEL Awards Showcase


The 2016 ACODE TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) Showcase is an extension of the ACODE/Pearson Innovation in TEL Awards, and provides the opportunity for ACODE Member nominees to articulate and disseminate in-practice innovation within the Australasian Higher Education Sector.  

40 applications for the Award were reviewed by a panel of HE Industry Leaders in TEL, and two (2) submissions were chosen as joint winners, along with several 'Honourable Mentions'.  We  thank all those who nominated, and are very proud to present the 2016 ACODE TEL Showcase featuring these great examples in practice across Australasia today.




University of Southern Queensland
Associate Professor Helen Farley and Colleague

The Connecting4Success project addresses an important need -  that of access to education in a modern world for students unable to access the Internet. The judges noted the positive social impact of this project and the clear opportunity to replicate it in a variety of other important contexts. The project addresses the full range of services needed to support modern learning and has clearly had a positive impact on student outcomes in the Queensland correctional system.


Kickstart Student Transition System

Macquarie University
Dr Yvonne Breyer and colleagues

The Kickstart student transition system addresses an important need for all students and universities, facilitating the transition into university study and helping students prepare themselves for their courses. A range of technologies are used to provide a welcoming and supportive introduction for students. This project has already stimulated other universities to create similar resources for their students. The judges commended the team for creating an interesting and well thought out program which addressed a very real need.



H5P* LTI Integration: A Recipe for Success

Victoria University
Mike Sturmey, Dr Suneeti Rekhari, Dr Sonia Wilkie

Described by the judges as a well thought out solution, this ‘recipe for success’ is already being replicated in multiple universities and on multiple learning management systems. The project has helped create an effective model for integrating learning activities simply and should help academics and support staff introduce a wide range of interactive activities into many courses easily.


Quitch mobile learning platform

Swinburne University of Technology
Dr Grainne Oates

A system for deploying gamified learning to students on a variety of mobile devices, this project was commended for the scale of the system and its positive impact on student outcomes and retention.


REVIEW: Software to improve assessment

University of Technology Sydney
Dr Darralll Gene Thmpson

The REVIEW tool has been successfully used in multiple universities to help align assessments with graduate attributes and to support reporting for AACSB accreditation and other quality management purposes. This project was commended by the judges for the successful commercial implementation and impact


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