ACODE Survey on Media Management

ACODE survey on Digital Media Management-Identifying gaps in service provision

As judged by the reported uses of digital media, it is an important issue. There is clear evidence in support of the view that the use of video as an educational medium is growing rapidly, that the ways in which video is being used is changing, and that as a result of this state of flux institutions are looking for technical solutions that scale while simultaneously serving a wide range of purposes and destinations for video.

Institutions are beginning to look for media strategies to build cohesion across the institution, avoid duplication of effort and avoid wasting scarce resources. ACODE will continue to develop this topic through collaboration with member institutions and partnering with like-minded associations with the aim of building valuable information resources such as this wiki space.

Figure 1. Survey results show that only 2 respondents have an institutional media strategy. Most institutions have difficulty with producing captioned video. Most have multiple sources of media and multiple destinations for media, suggesting it is already a complex environment.

Bar chart multiple uses of video in higher ed institutions

Figure 2. No respondents thought the demand for video production was static or decreasing. The majority thought it was increasing.

Bar chart showing most respondents believe demand for online video is increasing

Figure 3. Video production capability and assistance. Few staff are equipped for, or capable of producing good quality video although help is available in slightly more than half the responding institutions.

Bar chart showing staff are ill-equipped for video production

Figure 4. Staff capability for producing narrated desktop recordings is thought to be better than for video production.

Bar chart showing staff are ill-equipped for narrated screen-capture production

Figure 5. Despite the importance and complexity of video use, only half of the responding institutions had a video production unit working on Teaching and Learning uses of video.

Bar chart showing half the respondents do not have access to in-house media production units