These are the Benchmarks each institution are doing

InstitutionBM 1BM 2BM 3BM 4BM 5BM 6BM 7BM 8
Curtin Universityxxxx
Griffith Universityxx
Australian National Universityxxxx
University of New Englandxxxxxx
University of Aucklandxxx
University of Adelaidexxx
Charles Sturt Universityxx
Edith Cowan Universityxx
RMIT Universityxxxxxxxx
Macquarie Universityxxx
Monash Collegexxxxxxx        x
University of Melbournex
Sydney Universityxx
University of South Pacificxx
Victoria University of Wellingtonxxxxxxxx
University of Southern Queenslandxxxx
University of Otagoxx
University of Queenslandxx
Australian Council for Educational Research 


Central Queensland Universityxx
Lincoln Universityxx

University of Tasmaniaxxxxxxxx
Murdoch Universityxxxx
Swinburne University of Technologyxxx