Digital Video Management Wiki

ACODE Project Wiki for Institutitonal Digital Video Management

Interview Questions

The purpose of gathering this information is to help ACODE determine whether a sector-wide solution represents a feasible strategy.



What’s driving the need for a media management system at your institution?

Possible prompts: Change in educational design? Student demand? Social media? MOOCs? Marketing needs?


Functional scope:

  • Is the scope of your project focussed on T&L, or does it extend to other functions of the university, such as marketing, communications or recruitment?
    Possible prompts: Do the project stakeholders represent a wide range of functions or are they focussed on one area of interest such as teaching?
  • In considering the following list of video publishing platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, iTunes U, your institutional LMS, your institutional Web server, are there any additional platforms your system needs to publish to?
  • In considering uploading video, does your system need to accommodate video from people other than the following: teaching staff, library staff, marketing staff, students?



  • If your media management system is not yet operational, do you have an expected time for project completion? 
  • What is the (expected) duration of the implementation project?
  • If it is already operational, how long did the current system take to implement?



  • What level of appointment does the key leader for the project occupy?
    Possible Prompts: Is the leadership positioned at PVC, Director, Manager level?
  • Which functional area of the university is leading the project?
    Possible Prompts: Learning and Teaching? Operations? Marketing? IT?


Resources – Project and operational:

  • What were (or are, or will be) the roles in the project team and how many team members?
  • Will there be more than one team in the project?
  • If so, what will be different about the teams?
  • Will there be a significant contingent of contractors or reliance on a particular external service provider?
  • For the implementation only, or does this extend to the operational phase as well?


Legacy systems and services:

  • Will existing systems and/or services be replaced as a result of this implementation?
  • If so, what is being replaced?
  • Are there existing systems whose function or role will change as a result of this implementation?
  • If so, what are they and how will they change?


Policy and strategy:

  • Does your institution have a policy on the creation, use and publication of digital media?
  • Does your institution have a digital media strategy?
  • If so, can these be made available to other institutions?

 Thank-you for your time and assistance with our questions.